Add Your First WordPress Post?

Add Your First WordPress Post?

New to Word Press? This post is for those who are posting their first article, this post is intended to help you get started I will cover the  more detailed topics of publishing a new post  in the next article, so for now let’s get to the basics. Let me know if you have an questions or suggestions.

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You have your new site up and functioning and now you are ready to go to work. You have to access the Dashboard in order to add a new post or edit an existing one. Navigate to your home page.





Depending on your theme, you may or may not have a log in option visible on your home page. If so go ahead and log in with your (ID) and (Password).  If you don’t have that option go to the top of your browser and add wp-admin to the existing URL.

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Example: the current line should look something like this ( now add the wp-admin to the end of that URL, don’t forget to add the /. It should look something like this (

The log in window will appear, use your id and password to log in.

Once you have your Dashboard open you can go to work.  On the left hand side of the Dashboard look for the post section. If you can’t see the subsections under the header Posts click the little gray triangle to the left to open the drop down menu.

Select ( Add New)

The Add New Post window is where you will type your text, add images or audio. The two gray tabs on the far right allow you to switch from visual to HTML. Click on them to see what they do. You will most always want to use the Visual tab, but there will be times when you need the HTML window. If you want to embed a YouTube video for instance but we will cover that in another session.
The editing tools are basic but very similar to the ones you may have used in another text editor.  OK now you have typed your text and would like to add an image. Click the little gray box with the dark gray center indicated by the arrow in the image below.

The following add an image window will open. You have several options, (From Computer) (From URL) and  (Media Library). The tabs that say (All in One Video) and( NextGEN Gallary) are extra plug-ins being used with this theme and may not be present on yours.

You will need a graphic program of some sort to edit your image files to a reasonable size. Maximum recommended size 600 x 400 pixels.

Your first picture will come from your computer and word press will upload it into the image directory on the server.

If you choose to use the same image several times the second time you insert a duplicate image use the tab (Media Library) this will prevent you from duplicating the same image over and over. The (From URL) tab is used if you are linking to an image from another location and the path to that image must be supplied. This is an option that you will probably never use.

OK click on the (From Computer) tab and click the tab (select files) your file directory window will open, navigate to the location of your file and double click the file name.  Your file will upload.  File sizes should be kept to a minimum most screens are good with an image size of 600 x 400 pixels.

The next window that opens will allow you to title your image, give it a caption, and fine tune the size. Click on the add to post and close the window by clicking the X in the unhand right corner of your screen. Once your image has been uploaded you have some editing options, such as a left or right alignment, titles and alternate text.

On the right hand side of the Dashboard you will see the Publish box. While you are working on your page, save it as a draft that way you are the only one that can  preview the post. Once you are publish  it is there for all the world to see.  When you are finished editing your post, select the (Publish) but ton and your post will be visible


to anyone viewing your website. You can schedule your post to publish  at a later time if you choose to do so.  If you want to delete it select the “Move To Trash” and your post will be gone.

Below the Publish box, is your Categories section, select a category if you don’t see the appropriate category you will be able to add one in the category window.

The Post Tag box is where you are going to add the tags that are specific to your post. These are very important as search engines will look for these tags when they search your site and use them to direct people to your site by the keywords they may be searching for.  Using this post as an example,  post tags might be: Post, New, WordPress, add image, dashboard, publish, categories.  Your tags can be lower or upper case but they must be separated by commas.

The bottom section will allow you to insert a featured image.  The featured image will be published as a thumbnail with the excerpt that defined your post before it is actually opened to view.  This is optional and you may choose not to use a featured image.

Edit your post and once you are happy with it, publish the final draft.

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Let me know if this was helpful.


  1. cforce10 says:

    Adding an image to your post is a simple thing to do. Some things to consider before you insert your image are the size and resolution of the image you want to use.

  2. cforce10 says:

    I will be doing more tutorials for those of you who are new to Word Press, if you have something specific let me know.

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