Add An Image To A Post or Page

Adding an image to your post is a simple thing to do. Some things to consider before you insert your image are the size and resolution of the image you want to use.  Keeping your image size to a minimum
will reduce your bandwidth requirements and will fit your screen in most Word Press themes. If your image is too large the image will not fit your layout and can cause some unexpected results. A width of 400 to 600 pixels will fit most theme layouts, you also have the option to reduce the size as you insert it into the post but it is a good idea to start with one that will fit to avoid distortion by resizing.

Most digital camera images are large files, 1 to 2 Megs you will have to use a photo editor to make the necessary changes.  Your uploaded will warn you if your image is too big to upload.

Once you have your image prepared you are ready to upload it to the server.


Click the little square box with the gray center immediately to the right of the Upload/Insert text line.

Your computer will connect to the server and the next window will be where you select your image.

index of reverse search

I have highlighted two of the menu items at the top of the image, the From Computer and the All In One Video / NextGen Gallery.

The selected menu items on the right are two plugins that are installed on the website yours may look different depending on your individual settings. The important one is the From Computer Menu Item.

The top menu selection determines where the image you have chosen to upload will come from.

map 2 of reverse search

Since this is the first time you have uploaded an image it will come from your computer so make sure that tab is selected.  Next click the Select Files tab highlighted with the red arrow. A directory window will appear, navigate to the location of your image, and select it.

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A gray bar will appear and the text line Crunching will scroll until the image is uploaded and the following option screen will appear. Use image below for some suggestions

Now that your image is in the post, you have the option to edit or delete the image. Click on the image and two boxes will appear in the upper left hand corner. Select the square image box to open the editing selection

lawsuits + tracleer + pulmonary hypertension + revatio

box. The red circle will delete the image. In the option box you may edit the position of the image with center, align left, or align right. Image size can be adjusted here as well.

You may change the title, or the definition and choose the properties for the link URL.  If you want the image to link to a specific location add the path for your target file in the center tab that says link location.

Click update to save your changes and preview your post to see if you approve of your editing. You will find that it may be necessary to try several positions and sizes to achieve the look you are wanting. Add the tags and select a category option from
the menu on the right. Save as a draft and preview your post, when it is ready to publish make sure to click the Blue Publish button on the right hand

Have fun and leave a comment if you would like any help.

  1. cforce10 says:

    Adding an image to your post is a simple thing to do. Step by step instructions with examples, if you find this helpful let me know.

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